12-Week Course Schedule

There is a new 12-week  “How To Study the Bible (For Busy Christians)” course, using the Life Application Study Bible (NLT).  Other translations are OK, but most use the New Living Translation (NLT).  Contact Bill Injerd at 586-764-1082 for more information. 

1Introduction to Your Bible & Study Resources--------Focus on what we will be doing, general discussion, Q&A. Introduction to online resources.
2Which Bible Translation?--------Description and discussion of the various Bible translations into English.
3Bible Study & DevotionsPassage from John 1Example from Our Daily Bread, Feb 12, 2013 (John 1:35-42).
4Bible Study & PrayerVerses from John 17Example from the Life Application Study Bible Devotional, Week 43: PRAYING FORWARD; BEING ONE (John 17).
5Book StudyJohnBook summary & background.
6Bible Character StudyJohnBible characters and finding references to Jesus Christ.
7Chapter Study - IJohn 3Themes and Context: Learning what a Bible Chapter is about and Harmony of the Gospels.
8Chapter Study - IIJohn 3Study of key passages.
9Topical Study: Word Study“word”, “light”, “sin”, etc.Introduction to Topical Bible Study. Taking a word found in the Bible and digging into it using your Study Bible.
10Topical Study: Christian IssuesMarriage, Family, GovernmentEver wondered what the Bible says about everyday issues, either social and personal? You’ll learn here where to start.
11Topical Study: Pick a Topic![group decides on some topics]How to quickly find out what the Bible says about a topic of choice. Uses dictionary, concordance, cross references, etc.
12Using Your Bible Every DayAnywhere in the BibleNow that you have an idea how to study your Bible, we’ll have some fun here.

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