“How To Study the Bible” course synopsis


“Is there a way I can read and study the Bible more effectively?  Do I need to go to a Bible school to understand what I’m reading?  I want to learn more of God’s Word, but I’m not sure where to start.”  If you ever asked those questions, you are invited to: How to Study the Bible Too.  You will be using a study Bible, the Life Application Study Bible NLT, and learn how to use the study tools found in this “best seller” study Bible.  We will learn different Bible study techniques, how to get more out of our private Bible devotion time, and asking questions as well as seeking answers using the resources available in the Life Application Study Bible NLT and online.  Our focus will be the book of John as we learn how to study the Bible and applying it to our daily, busy lives.  Length of this course is 10 weeks.


  1. Life Application Study Bible (NLT preferred), about $21 each and up.
  2. Notebook

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