I’m New! Help!

If you’re new to the Bible, and seem overwhelmed with that Big Book — you’re not alone.  For starters, look at the Bible you have (if you have one).  Does it have any notes or helps in it?  Is it a “study Bible” or simply the “Holy Bible”?  Read the Introduction in your Bible to give you an idea as to what it is about. One of the best Bibles I have found easy to use and understandable by those new to it is the Life Application Study Bible (New Living Translation) by Tyndale House Publishers.  This is based on feedback I’ve received from many newcomers to the Bible who took the “How To Study the Bible Too” course.  You can purchase a copy online (e.g., Amazon.com) for under $20.  Although there are many translations available for the Life Application Study Bible (NIV, NASB, NKJV, etc.), I recommend using the New Living Translation, or NLT, as it is very easy to understand and sticks close to the “thought” of the original authors of the books of the Bible.  Any Christian bookstore and most major bookstores carry the Life Application Study Bible. During future updates and improvements on this website, I’ll be adding tips and useful information that will help you read and understand the Bible.  Reference will be made to resources found in the Life Application Study Bible and how to make best use of it, in a fun way. If you do choose to get your hands on the Life Application Study Bible , go ahead and read the introductory pages – up to where Genesis begins. Tell me what you think by posting comments on this website.  Questions are welcome.  And stay tuned — the fun is just beginning. Bill

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